Pandora's is SoWal Central for Live Music

August 15, 2012 by Whitney Rowan

One step onto Pandora’s back patio and you will find a SoWal Who’s Who along with visiting party-goers. It’s not a place for the weak at heart. You go. You have fun(n). You go again the next night.  Repeat the cycle over and over again. 

The larger-than-life music scene has made it a go-to place for fun. I’ve done plenty of research so trust me on this one.

Manager Brandon Montalto has put together a non-stop, dynamic lineup when it comes to must-hear music in South Walton. He books the best local and non-local talent to headline his venue and people come in flocks to check out the scene. A group of locals likes it so much they have taken over a particular spot dubbed “the sky box,” which has the best view of the musicians and people dancing. 

The atmosphere at Pandora’s is contagious. You immediately feel the positive energy when you arrive and have no choice but to partake in the action. I know some friends that don’t leave the dance floor all night and seem to disappear within the crowd. You don’t keep tabs on people at this sort of place. You might hang out with a completely different group of people than the ones you came with. Personally, I like it that way. 

There is always something going on at Pandora’s. It might be Forrest Williams Wednesday or it could be a crawfish boil on a Sunday afternoon. The bartenders know your name and what you drink. The bouncer Denny Green will greet you with a smile (if he’s in a good mood) and say how happy he is to see you. It’s THE late night hot spot in SoWal. 

Pandora’s is hosting a Masquerade party this Friday. Daphne Willis & Company and DJ DP will be playing from 9pm-1am. Specials include $5 Fireball shots, $5 Jager Bombs, $3 Jager Shots, & $2.50 PBR - Free Entry with mask, $5 cover without mask. Best dressed will win prizes!

Check out all of Pandora’s upcoming music events on the SoWal music calendar!


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