Pink Slipped Anchors Entertainment at Marie's Bistro

July 17, 2014 by Leanne King

Walking into Marie’s Bistro on Scenic 30A in Blue Mountain Beach is like walking into the home of a welcoming friend. Owner Hanie Nasri often greets folks at the door with arms wide open and his wife Marie is likely to deliver your order to your table. One of the many charms of Marie's is they treat you like family.

Alongside their extensive menu featuring daily specials ranging from Sushi to Linguini, Marie's offers an eclectic and fun lineup of daily live entertainment. The Tuesday and Wednesday night karoke is a fun, lighthearted favorite! They are excited to have added Pink Slipped to the schedule. Playing weekly on Friday and Saturday nights, Tim Jackson, John Hoorman, Tim Prescott, Greg Torres and Shannon Wallace have a playlist as diverse and tasy as Marie's menu - ranging from Steely Dan to Bob Dylan and all points in between.

"We have decided to play songs that we really want to play and we are having a blast!" says Tim Jackson. "I'm having the most fun I have had in forever."


While Marie is the boss in the kitchen, working hard and preparing a wide range of tasty meals, Hanie handles the entertainment. He's constantly moving forward, planning and evaluating.

"We opened up a restaurant in 1984 in Destin. Tim Jackson and Shannon Wallace used to come into our restaurant before going to play at Harry T's because we had local reasonable food," Hanie says between table visits. "I used to finish dinner and go listen to them and dance with Marie. That was 30 years ago. So when TIm came with the idea of having the new band in my place I just thought that if you had told me 30 years ago that the wonderful people that played at Harry T's were going to play in my place I would have thought that you were crazy. When he came to me with the idea it meant so much to me because I respected them so much for the last 30 years. I ran across them here and there, and they are such a talent that there is no comparable band that can do what they do. It feels wonderful for me to have them here. It's emotionally very strong for us because, I mean, they are like kids to me".

Not only is Marie’s open six days a week with the most diverse menu around serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, they also have the only drive-thru on Scenic 30A. Keep up with their entertainment schedule on our South Walton Live Music Calendar.


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