SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Rolls are a Beach Treat

October 30, 2013 by Teresa Lischka

Have you visited SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Rolls in Grayton Beach? You can't miss the cheerful red and yellow sign above the door which invites you to come on in for a tasting. It's not a restaurant, but the impeccable 3,000 square-foot shop is in full swing producing Brazilian cheese rolls for local restaurants, parties, events, and to take home.

The business is owned and operated by Raf and Bea Slim who opened shop in April, 2013. SayCheezZ is at full production and expanding delivery to more local businesses. The shop is now shipping to cheese roll lovers all over the U.S. 

Pao de Queijo (pronounced Pawn Di Kejo), bread of cheese, has long been a staple of Brazil. They are made from tapicoa flour (gluten free) and combined with parmesan cheese to create a unique cheese roll. Today, these unique cheese rolls are found in grocery stores, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, wine bars, and streetside stands throughout South America, in gourmet markets worldwide, and now in Santa Rosa Beach. 

SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Rolls come in three flavors: cheese, cheese with bacon, and cheese with sun-dried tomatoes. They can be enjoyed daily with coffee in the morning or paired with delicious flavors, foods and wines at meals or dinner parties. 

Bea and Raf are dedicated to producing an excellent product that is both healthy and heavenly. The ingredients chosen to make the SayCheezZ Brazilian rolls are carefully selected using only the finest, locally and regionally supplied gluten-free and organic ingredients. Quality is the number one priority at SayCheezZ. 

They pair nicely with fresh brewed coffee for breakfast. And for all the wine lovers out there, these cheese rolls are heavenly with your favorite vino. When baked, the cheese rolls can be sliced in the middle and served with an assortment of cold cuts, black olives and greens. Tuna, capers and sprouts make an impressive ensemble. If you like to dip your bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and your choice of seasonings or herbs, these cheese rolls will absorb the flavors and release a very satisfying taste to the pallet. 

Visit the SayCheezZ table every Saturday at The Seaside Farmers Market to pick up your supply of cheese rolls for the week. You can also find them in the frozen foods section at For The Health Of It in Blue Mountain Beach. The rolls are served in cafes and cozy spots along the coast such as Golden Almond in Fort Walton Beach, Feelin’ Good in Destin, and The Bodacious Olive / The Bodacious Brew in Pensacola. Say CheezZ folks are always out meeting new people and searching for just the right spots along the coast for distributing its great product. The shop plans to continue expanding its delivery to health food stores, gourmet markets, restaurants, businesses and cafes locally and regionally. 

Stop by Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for a free sample or two. Pick up your frozen or pre-baked package of rolls while you are there! You can also contact the store at 855-729-2499 to discuss options for your next holiday party or event.

How to Order SayCheezZ Brazilian Cheese Rolls

SayCheezZ is now shipping to individuals and businesses via FedEx. Call or email the shop to place your order for two day delivery.

Order online at SayCheezZ website or call 855-729-2499 to place your order. Selections are:

  • Cheese
  • Cheese with Bacon 
  • Cheese with sun Dried Tomatoes

Sold frozen or pre-baked by the dozen ($8.99) plus shipping (approx.$20.00). Co-ordering 8-9 dozen to split shipping cost with friends is recommended. Product is shipped via FedEx in styrofoam container/dry ice holding 8-9 dozen cheese rolls. See website for more information.

If you're in town, stop by SayCheezZ at 1300 County Hwy 283 South, just north of Shops of Grayton, to say hello, enjoy a sample, and take home a dozen frozen or ready-to-go cheese rolls. You're sure to leave with a smile!

Learn more, see photos and reader reviews on this great local business at SoWal Business Guide | Say CheezZ


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