Sinfonia Gulf Coast Presents Ansel Adams America to a Sold Out Crowd

February 7, 2012 by C. E. Hinely

"Ansel Adams America" is a symphonic tribute to the iconic artist, Ansel Adams.
During the February 3rd Sinfonia presentation of Dave & Chris Brubeck’s compositional tribute, the audience marveled over the display of 100+ Ansel Adams' photographs depicting the magnificent and vast landscapes of the western National Parks, as well as photos of the artist himself.

The simultaneous orchestral arrangement written by the Brubecks, burgeoned with melodic precision under the consummate direction of Sinfonia’s conductor, Maestro Demetrius Fuller.

More highlights of the February 3rd Sinfonia performance included Naumburg-winning pianist, Anthony Molinaro, playing the cherished classic, Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”, and Grammy Award winning harmonica player, Howard Levy.

Levy, universally acknowledged as the world’s most advanced harmonica player, performed his most recent composition, “Concerto for Harmonica & Orchestra”. The prescient pairing of harmonica with traditional orchestral melodies propagates a brilliant new genre reminiscent of classic waltzes and jigs.

The evening of Sinfonia and Ansel Adams America bestowed the audience with an ambient sensory experience. Demetrius Fuller and the entire ensemble delighted the crowd and solidified my return to the next great performance.  

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