SK830A Board Shop Opens in Blue Mountain Beach

June 14, 2011 by SoWal Staff

If you’ve ever done an Ollie, caught a wave or just dreamed about board sports, a new business in South Walton has you covered.

Josh Jerkins has been skating from a very early age. He originally launched as a personal website in January 2011, but the site soon evolved into a business. After the website was officially launched, a few months later, the SK8 30A Board Shop was open for business in South Walton.

The SK8 30A Board Shop markets a full range of skateboarding and longboarding equipment and supplies. They have a variety of skateboard decks from Blind, Element, Habitat, Plan B and they say Enjoi and Krooked brands will be coming soon. In Longboards, they carry some of the best brands according to surfers, including GoldCoast, LandYachtz, Palisades and Sector 9 with Bustin and Koastal brands arriving in the future according to Jerkins.

Among the other items that the shop carries, according to Jerkins, are “Independent, Bear and Paris trucks, Zombie Hawgs, Bones and SpitFire wheels, Bones, Redz and Super Redz bearings, MOB grip, LandYachtz slide gloves, Pro-Tec helmets, skate tools, wax and tons of decals.”

Do you need to be the next Tony Hawk to hang out at the SK8 30A Board Shop? Not at all, according to Jerkins, “What is so great about this board shop is that it caters to experienced skaters, but even newcomers to the sport, or those who are simply curious about it, can add to their knowledge base by spending some time exploring the shop. Competitive skaters might also be interested in upgrading their equipment. Those with a little less experience can purchase a complete deck, as well as videos of various tricks performed by some of today's top young skaters.”

And if you're not quite sure what might be the best deck for you, Josh can help you make up your mind. “I personally picks each product, so I actually knows first-hand about everything we sell.”

Jerkin’s wife Candi and also co-owner of the shop continued, “We are also super excited to be carrying several local products. We have YOLO Board (stand up paddle) rentals, Meyer Skimboards and Beach Mountain Land Paddles. We also carry apparel from Blind, GoldCoast, Plan B and Hurley. We even have our very own SK8 30A Board Shop t-shirt and sticker that were designed by both of us. We are also very excited to be working with a talented graphic designer on a new “Prodigy” shop deck that will be here this summer.”

The Jerkins seem to have found a niche that had not been filled in our area. “Whether you are a skate boarder or long boarder, a person who likes to stand up paddle board, use a land paddle to skate with or just want to skimboard, SK8 30A Board Shop on 30A is the place to go. We’re the only shop of this kind from Panama City Beach to Destin.”

The Jerkins will also being celebrating a special event this June, “Every year on June 21, skateboarders around the globe celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding. We will be celebrating with them this year, so stop by the shop and find out how you can join in on the fun and support your local skate shop today.”   

The SK8 30A Board Shop is located at 2282 Scenic 30A West in Blue Mountain Beach.

Story by Alicia Leonard, DeFuniak Herald Beach Breeze


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