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Southside Slice Serving Perfect Pizza in Rosemary Beach

July 11, 2018 by Audrey Johnson

Here at the beach, Pizza is as essential to life as Marley and SPF30.

Southside Slice in Rosemary Beach embodies the essence of great American local pizza joints, serving specialty pizzas, sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and sodas. High quality toppings and homemade sauce round out the perfect pizza.

Southside Slice is on the town square on the south side of Scenic 30A. It's a family-friendly pizza place serving up New York style pies with casual beach vibes. The restaurant Is the brain-child of the same group that brought us local institution Shades Bar and Grill and the new, upscale Pescado on the rooftop of the same building as Southside Slice.

General Manager Matt Cash was at Shades Bar and Grill for six years before opening Southside Slice in November.

“We’re one big family,” says Matt.


Before opening, the team went through countless recipes to make their house red sauce using only fresh, high quality ingredients. What culminated is the recipe for a batch of red sauce that simmers four hours from start to finish. The sauce is made from scratch daily using only fresh herbs and unique ingredients, like black garlic. Have you ever picked a cup of fresh thyme? It’s a labor of love.

Their New York style crust is thin and fluffy and made from scratch daily, as well. It’s the perfect base for piling on all five food groups for a taste of nutrition in every bite.

“It’s not overly heavy,” says Matt. “That’s what I like about it.” Same.

Margherita Pizza is a classic favorite, with Roasted Garlic Mascarpone Spread, Roma Tomatoes, Basil, Burrata and Cracked Black Pepper. And you can literally never go wrong with a Spicy Italian Sub.

Now let’s get down to logistics. The conveyor oven can cook a large pie in 5 minutes. If you order a medium pie the kitchen can really crank it out. Half of Southside Slice’s business is takeout, which means the hangry can order and pick up in 30 minutes. Lots of friends pick up pizza to-go for concerts, or plays, or movie nights on the green. Keep in mind, portions at Southside Slice are huge…medium looks like a large, and large looks like an extra-large. Go big or go home!

Slices are available all day made to order (nothing is pre-made unless you call ahead). You can grab a slice to take to the beach or order a whole pizza to share with your friends during the game on one of their flat screen TVS.

“We always have ESPN on, especially if I’m here,” jokes Matt.  

Southside Slice has something for everyone to enjoy. Vegan cheese and gluten free crust are available for those with intolerances.

At Southside Slice, full service meets counter service. Order at the counter and leave your plates at the table. The crew will take care of clean up. No need for refills here - drinks come in bottles or cans…which is kind of a novelty. When’s the last time you found Orangina in a glass bottle at a pizza place? It’s glorious.

Be sure to check out Southside Slice’s adorable run of slapstick humor tee shirts and perfect beach hats. And remember, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza and that’s kind of the same thing.

Southside Slice is open daily 11 am-10 pm. Roomy outdoor seating is available on the cobblestone sidewalk. Visit www.Slice30A.com to see the menu and order online. Order by phone at (850) 213-4611. Follow Southside Slice on social media: www.Facebook.com/slice30a • Instagram - @Slice30A • Twitter - @Slice30A.


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