SoWal People: Kevin Beilfuss Sees Endless Possibilites

June 9, 2012 by SoWal Staff

For Kevin Belifuss there is nothing more challenging than to be able to draw and paint the figure in a well-executed format. As a member of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, he  enjoys sharing challenges with fellow local artists.

“There are endless possibilities when painting a person. Even if you were to paint that same model over and over again, you can always explore and find something new and beautiful to express in a painting,” Kevin explains. He hopes to express that same beauty he finds in his models to the viewer, so that they may share the same intimate experience.

After graduating from Illinois State University and the American Academy of Art, Kevin set out on a free-lance illustration career, which lasted thirteen years. 

“I always dreamed of becoming an illustrator,” explains the artist. “But the demands of painting someone else’s ideas finally took its toll. I decided that life is too short and that I had to paint from my heart. We’re only given one chance at life, and I had to paint what was important to me. What is important to me, says Kevin, “Is that I try to capture a little of what God has already created in each of my paintings. One can obviously see the beauty of God’s creation in a nature, but for me it is even more profound when I see and experience that beauty in people.”

Beilfuss’ style may be best described as representational—though expressed through impressionistic brushwork. “I look forward to learning every day,” explains the artist. “I want to incorporate more of an immediacy in my brushwork—more of an impression of what someone or something looks like, rather than a literal translation of that subject.”


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