The Art of SoWal Beach Homes

May 10, 2012 by Laurel Abbe

Reading comments left in rental guest books is a treat. It makes you realize how special it is to be here. People love our wonderful SoWal beaches of course. They talk about the crabs and the birds, and the many simple ways you can spend a day at water's edge.

But I would argue the shade of the scrub oaks and pine have a lot to do with our visitor's fond memories. Surely, salty bike rides and standing in line for ice cream dressed in your swim suit is unique too. A very casual beach lifestyle surrounded by good food and shopping. I must admit it is pretty nice to live (and work) in flip-flops and shorts. Yep, I'm a lucky one.

I recently began working with Sunburst Beach Vacations. It's so busy in the office, it makes my head spin. Wow, is vacationing complicated. Not so complicated for the people renting out their homes to happy vacationers, certainly not for vacationers staying in the rental homes Sunburst manages, but behind the scene there are a lot of wheels turning. Property inspections, maintenance, booking reservations, cleaning, people coming in, people going out...really the whole effort! Oh my. Keeping it all together is an art.

Seeing inside the ways people beach here is great fun. Some folks build beach castles, some woodsy cabins. Some leave artistic treasures out for the world to see, their homes clearly places for memories to live. Some live simply and some live in total luxury. In any case, you would be hard pressed to find a place anywhere in South Walton where you wouldn't have some great beachside fun and take home memories to last a lifetime.

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