Timing is Right for Counts Real Estate Group

May 19, 2014 by Manny Chavez

Counts Real Estate Group opened their Scenic 30A office in July last year, led by Jason Oakes. The group operates four offices in the Florida Panhandle with 65 full-time agents. Seven full-time agents currently work out of the new 30A office located near Eastern Lake.

Jason has more than 20 years in the real estate business and is the major partner with two leading companies, Counts Real Estate Group Inc., and Counts-Oakes Resort Properties.  Having the knowledge and experience provided by working in all aspects of real estate transactions (residential, commercial, property development, investment transactions, and professional retail and property management), Jason has seen first-hand the incredible growth market in SoWal and is excited to take the Counts Real Estate Group to the next level. “The timing is right,” emphasizes Jason.

“We are a full-source company.  Not only do we manage full-term rentals, we also manage commercial property from 30A to Destin. With the addition of Southwest Airlines to the new Panama City Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, we are starting to see a whole new customer. 30A is the ‘crème de la crème’ and we realized how important it was to establish our presence here with a 30A office location.” 

Jason is focused on making Counts Real Estate Group one of the top 5 real estate companies on 30A. “There is a reason we are successful,” says Jason.  “Not only do we have a proven track record, a great system and great office locations, but also, we have access to product to help you make more money.”

The Counts Real Estate Group is the exclusive listing agent for various St. Joe properties including five commercial parks: South Walton Commerce Park, Beach Commerce Park, Venture Crossings, Cedar Grove Commerce Park, and the St. Joe Commerce Park in Gulf County. The park lands are priced at $35-85,000/acre or over $50 million in real estate currently for sale. “We’re getting ready to rock the house,” says Jason.

“Some of the commerce park property will probably be sold for use by defense contractors and the aerospace industry--creating jobs that will allow this area to continue to grow, to buy houses that St. Joe will develop in the new sector plan which is scheduled to be approved in December 2015. This is 172 square miles of property (150,000 acres) and is ‘the next 50 years for my kids who are aged five, nine and 10.”


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