Twin Oaks FarmStand in Grayton Beach Is A SoWal Must Do

July 6, 2015 by Sarah Robertson

Step in to Twin Oaks FarmStand at the Shops of Grayton and you instantly know you're someplace special. Local farmer Renee Savary is cooking daily and she brings the freshest, organic ingredients to our town from her spread in nearby Bonifay.


Running a successful farm takes tenacity and grit, but bringing the fruits of the farm south to South Walton on a regular basis is downright heroic. Renee has built a strong and loyal following over the years at the Seaside Farmers Market - just take a look at the flock of expectant customers crowded around her booth early every Saturday. They know to get to her before she sells out of her organic produce, poultry, beef, preserves, stocks, soups, and all manner of other luscious goodies she brings to please palates.


Recently though, she's greatly expanded her offerings at her shop in Grayton. And she has daily breakfast and lunch specials there also - easy yummy meals that are direct from her farm, to her table, to your belly. The walls are lined with special boxes and jars that are made to take home and enjoy. Her refrigerators and freezers are loaded with chickens, ducks, eggs, soups, stocks, beef, and more wholesome offerings.


Renee’s impressive work ethic and sky-high standards have made us big fans. Her tenacious self-taught, can-do attitude is infectious. She has truly embraced a farmer’s life and all the challenges that path has given her.

The idea to start a farm came from eating too many processed foods and not feeling well as a result. So eight years ago Renee took it upon herself to improve her health by creating Twin Oaks Farm. She has 94 acres of beautiful Northwest Florida property comprising her certified-organic farm in Bonifay – about an hour drive from SoWal.


Renee and her small staff raise chickens, ducks, sheep and pigs on pasture - where they are all happy and healthy. Renee is committed to 100% organic practices, growing non-genetically modified produce and breeding heritage livestock. It's the right way to do it and it's in high demand.

Renee’s consistent presence at the Seaside Farmers Market has been integral in our community, but the need for a bigger outlet led her to open the FarmStand in the Shops of Grayton in December 2014.


Open seven days a weeks from 7 to 7, The Farm Stand offers breakfast and lunch along with fresh eggs, whole chickens, milk and house made yogurt.  At the FarmStand, descriptors like “seasonal,” “organic” and “local” are not just buzzwords – they are Renee’s mantra and her life’s work.


Renee recently received a high honor from The Cornucopia Institute - a widely-respected national group that researches small to mid-sized farms in order to provide consumers information on local, organic food. Guess who they named their #1 egg producer in the country? Yep. Twin Oaks Farm and those incredible (edible) eggs can be found at the FarmStand seven days a week. This is a huge accomplishment and honor for a woman who became a farmer less than a decade ago.


While the catch phrase is “happy as a clam,” around Bonifay the term is better used as “happy as a hen.”  These chickens are living the life. They are fed a USDA certified organic mix of grains without any soy or byproducts. They are raised slowly over 12 weeks’ time and on pasture. The result is a bird with superior taste and texture.

Just over two years ago Renee began raising hogs on pasture. The process of raising pigs is not cheap nor is it fast, but the result will be locally produced pork unlike anything else offered. Be on the lookout for this product known charmingly as: Cochon Noir De Bonifay at the FarmStand and on menus at many local restaurants.


Never one to shy away from a new project, three years ago Renee took on yet another new role: beekeeper. Her production is still small, but the honey is raw, unprocessed and unfiltered. Twin Oaks Farm only harvests the spring honey – letting their bees build back reserves for the winter.  Honey proceeds go to increasing the bee population and bee preservation.

In addition to their honey, all of the FarmStand’s fresh fruit preserves are produced using only fresh ingredients like organic Florida evaporated cane juice. They do not contain pectin, citric acid, ascorbic acid or other dyes or fillers. What’s the next local gem to be offered at the FarmStand? Crepes! These delicately crafted crepes will be made using those gorgeous nationally recognized eggs and filled with compotes and jams made from Twin Oaks organically farmed fruit. See? Artisan authenticity at its finest.

The FarmStand is conveniently located in the Shops of Grayton at 26 Logan Lane and open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.



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After years of May and October visits to South Walton, Sarah Murphy Robertson and her husband and young son made the leap to become locals in March 2011. Along with long lazy days spent beachside, Sarah also loves watching documentaries, voracious reading, spinning a witty pun, and homemade bread just out of the oven.

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