Tour Seaside With Local Expert Mark Schnell

There are tourists and then there are tourists - no matter where you travel. In Firenze or Milano, the shoes are usually a dead giveaway. The natives are wearing soft leather loafers. The Americans are often decidedly less stylish.

In Seaside, the tell-tale signs are often times even more revealing. Anyone in a bathing suit and flip flops is here to have fun.

The men in black and women decked out head to toe in an equally monochromatic manner of dress are likely on a mission, or more specifically, an architectural pilgrimage.

Coastal Dune Lakes Documentary - Intro Video

The coastline of Northwest  Florida is known as one of the world's most beautiful beaches. The  lakes are generally permanent water bodies, although water levels may  fluctuate substantially due to rain, groundwater seepage through the  surrounding coastal sands, and storms. Sand dunes ranging in height from  a few feet to more than 30 feet separate the lakes from the Gulf of  Mexico.

Flipping Out On Grayton Beach After The Parade

On the beach right after the 4th of July Parade, these Grayton girls make the best of a mountain of stockpiled sand to be used to block the Western Lake outflow (more photos after the break).

A tarball cleanup crew was in view - a dozen or so men and women with (empty) crab nets. They looked pretty bored, but no doubt

were happy to be on the beach on such a fine day and getting paid for it. No tarballs were seen but they might have caught lunch. The beachgoers I talked to thought it quite odd that workers were present on a national holiday with no oil in sight.


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