Santa Clara Access Video

Santa Clara access is ADA accessible, and has parking, restrooms,   and lifeguards during peak season. Located on Scenic 30A, 1/2 mile east   of Scenic 395, turn south on Bramble Grove Road.
It's hidden from view  from Senic 30A which makes it feel special and private, and often it's  not crowded unless it's peak season. Lots of locals stop here to eat  lunch or use the restroom.

Anna's Stories: "Worm Thumping" With Tuff Smith

Notes from Anna and Tuff’s younger sister “Billie” about the technique and methods used to catch worms for fishing. Tuff Smith of Grayton Beach and the historic “Smith House” is well known for his fishing prowess. Anna (Smith) Reardon was known for her writing, but little sister Billie also liked to share stories.

Sonny Hollingsworth was taught how to catch worms and fish by his Uncle Tuff. They fished throughout Walton County, Florida. Sonny is at Grayton Beach around 1940 in this photograph.

Saint Rose: How Santa Rosa Beach Got Its Name

The Spanish began naming towns, rivers and bays, usually after Saints, as they explored and colonized Florida in the 16th Century. In the 17th Century, following Saint Rose’s death and Sainthood, the Spanish name a major bay in what is now the Walton County, Florida area “Santa Rosa Bay” and publish the name on maps of Florida.

The name was changed by the British around 1778 to Choctawhatchee Bay. Thus, the longtime Spanish name of Santa Rosa Bay became unknown to many contemporary residents and visitors to South Walton and Florida.

Whale Sharks of Grayton Beach Video


Five Whale Sharks appeared just offshore from Grayton Beach, Florida and remained in the local waters for two days. Many of the people chartering the Grayton Beach fishing boats and one group of divers photographed and swam with the whales during the two-day event. A Whale Shark is not a whale (mammal) but is a gentle, non-dangerous, filter-feeding shark that is the largest living fish species.

For The Health Of It Video

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