“We want them to think, ‘I’ve arrived,’ ”

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    Dining at V Seagrove will be anything but typical.

    The seafood restaurant is celebrating its one-year anniversary of being on 30A this month. Since its opening, the restaurant has found its place among the many seafood restaurants that cater to the Emerald Coast.

    “What makes our restaurant unique is that our food comes from the fishermen to the table,” said Charlotte Levaughn with V. “Our menu changes at least twice a week because it’s based on what food is available. We try to have all local providers.”

    The sleek modern décor of the restaurant gives guests the feel of a high-class evening out, but managing partner Sean Goss said that the restaurant’s No. 1 goal is to make each diner feel that this will be the best dining experience they’ve ever had.

    “We want them to think, ‘I’ve arrived,’ ” Goss said. “They should think that walking in here is the best decision they’ve ever made and we want to keep them thinking that throughout the course of their evening.”

    Goss said V offers the finest liquors and wines and each food item that goes out the kitchen has been hand-selected by the staff.

    “A tremendous amount of time and resources goes into training our staff to make sure the guests’ dining experience is ideal,” he added.

    The menu is designed by Chef David Cunningham who says he tries to stay away from the typical coastal dishes like shrimp baskets and other fried seafood choices.

    “I utilize the local farmers — all of my greens are found within 50 miles of here,” Cunningham said. “What we have here is comfortable elegance. We try to be really nice without being pretentious.”

    V at Seagrove is open seven days a week. The menu ranges from starters that cost $11 to $15 and entrees that range from $15 to $35.

    For more information, call 850-468-0987. V Seagrove is located at 2743 East County Highway 30A.

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