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Hubby is great at telling stories, and this week he told me a story I'd never heard. Once when Tulane was playing LSU, hubby and Pete Maravich dove for a ball. Hubby got the ball. Yet the coach took hubby out of the game because he said hubby had a chance to break Pete's knees and didn't do it. It would have ended Pete's career. Hubby wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone, except for breaking a nose during a basketball game. Our daughter played basketball from the time she was a little tyke until she got a back injury at MIT. She's 6'3", and hubby taught her how to elbow the "little" girls in the nose without getting a foul, resulting in getting the girls off her back.

Now hubby is worried about Tebow because he knows that coaches are telling players to take Tim out due to all of his success. Scarey! A nose is one thing; a neck/back is a crime.

No wonder he decided to get a Ph.D. instead of playing for the Dallas Cowboys.
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