COVID Disinfectant Spray Equipment Available

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    Protect your customers, renters, employees...yourself! I have a supply of state-of-the-art electrostatic spray guns and hospital grade, EPA-N certified, disinfectant & antimicrobial coating. The company is based in NY and has been used extensively there to combat and control COVID in hundreds of venues. Great for rental companies, any retail/restaurant business, warehouses, office, medical etc..To make it affordable, I am actually leasing the equipment from as low as $400/mo. + chemical and the chemicals are very inexpensive. The guns are simple to use and to clean and can cover 56,000 sf in an hour, you can do a condo in 8-10 minutes a standard house in 15. 10 minutes to dry, immediate occupancy afterwards. The chemicals are food safe, non-irritating, non-corrosive, requires minimal PPE. Warranty, new delivered in the box. All instructions, manuals and how to use videos included. PM me for more information.

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