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    The Governing Board of the new Destin High School held a Town Hall Pep Rally last week in the gymnasium of Destin United Methodist Church, the soon to be acquired site of DHS. The event saw over 400 adults and future students. A fun reveal of the DHS shark mascot in full costume was done to the music of Jaws. Cannons burst with confetti while the Destin Middle School cheerleaders did the first official DHS cheer.

    At the Town Hall Pep Rally, Destin residents Allen and Dee Dee Phillips donated a generous $200,000, and others in attendance donated another $22,000.

    Moving forward: A major priority is for parents to enroll their 9th and 10th-grade students. The initial application period runs now through February 15th. Then students will be notified, and the final application process will proceed.

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