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    Hello everyone,

    I want to give you an update on some plans being considered regarding garbage management and recycling. Also, county staff are exploring alternatives to traditional landfills.

    Garbage and Recycling Issues.

    As you may remember from a previous email, Rory Cassedy, Government Affairs Manager of Waste Management will be meeting with the 30A Scenic Corridor Advocacy Group on Thursday, August 17th to discuss problems and solutions for garbage pickup. That meeting is at 5 pm at the TDC building at the intersection of Hwy 98 and SR 331. That meeting is open to the public and I encourage you to attend.

    Waste Management is currently seeking approximately 5 acres to locate a transfer station in South Walton. There is a strong focus on the DEP owned site currently being used by the county on CR 83 between CR 30A and Hwy 98.

    As I understand it, the transfer station would allow a fleet of garbage trucks to remain in South Walton for local garbage pickup. Currently, the trucks are coming considerable distances to get to South Walton for garbage pickup. The local garbage will be brought to the transfer station where it will then be transferred to other trucks for removal to the landfill or other final destination.

    According to Mr. Cassedy, the transfer station will also be used to handle recycling and will serve as a drop off site for ?large items?. (e.g., a couch) He emphasized to me that it will not be a landfill.

    With regard to recycling, Mr. Cassedy confirmed that the prisoners are still going through garbage and picking out materials which can be recycled. He acknowledges that from a public relations standpoint, many residents and tourists are not aware of the current method of recycling and have questioned why Walton County does not provide recycling. He indicated Waste Management is considering curbside recycling.

    Mr. Cassedy wants public input of these matters, including the potential location of the transfer station. Although the CR 83 site is somewhat isolated there are some residential areas close by and he wants to hear any concerns those residents may have.

    He indicated he would be discussing these issues at the August 17th meeting. If you cannot attend that meeting you may want to to email any thoughts you have. His email is:

    Alternatives to Traditional Landfills. Looking To the Future.

    In the last county commission meeting, Commissioner Pridgen expressed a concern that as the county grows, the landfills will be overtaxed and the county needs to begin looking at alternatives. He cited one alternative being used was an ?Energy Conservation Plant? that burned wood, plastics and other materials and produced diesel fuel. (incineration can also be used to produce electricity or processed steam) The emissions produced during the burning are re-circulated and filtered before being released into the air. He expressed an interest in learning about other methods being used to reduce the need for landfill area.

    County Administrator Ronnie Bell agreed to have his staff start looking into such alternatives.

    According to the Federal EPA, communities all over the U.S. are now beginning to utilize ?integrated waste management planning and practices? which focus on recycling, ?clean? incineration and composting of both yard waste and solid waste.

    We very much appreciate that the county is taking the initiative and is researching and planning for solutions for what could clearly be a future problem. We look forward to hearing more about alternatives for handling the increasing production of garbage.

    Individuals can make a significant contribution to reducing the dependency on landfills. As much as we can, we can do our part by trying to make choices that allow us to recycle and reuse.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

    Anita Page
    SWCC Executive Director

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