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    South Walton Community Council has been working to maintain the quality of life for the people of South Walton and protect the beautiful natural resources of our area since 1995. Considering the explosive growth in South Walton in recent years, our work is more important now than ever. HELP US expand our efforts by clicking the "Become a Member" button below and joining our team!

    South Walton Community Council - Membership

    Your membership supports our efforts to offer open Community Forums to discuss issues of local importance to our region. It also helps support our work to encourage citizen engagement through public education and special events, our communications and outreach, and our capacity building initiatives for neighborhood and community based initiatives. Our supporters also enable us to provide expert speakers and research on issues affecting South Walton.

    We value our members and are grateful that you choose to support our work to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of life and unique natural beauty in South Walton.

    As a member you will receive special content emails including notes to the BCC meeting agendas before the meetings and summaries of the BCC meeting outcomes after the meetings, event invitations, action alerts, and the knowledge that you are supporting a local, grassroots nonprofit effort to protect and enhance our area’s unique environment by keeping our citizens as a vital part of our community as it continues to develop.

    Thank you again for your continued support.

    Enjoy these and other benefits of membership:

    • Receive the agenda for every Board of County Commissioners meeting prior to the meeting with additional information provided about key items.
    • Receive a summary of every BCC meeting with details on the results of each item.
    • Get email notifications of significant issues coming up during other county meetings (i.e. Zoning Board of Adjustments, Design Review Board, etc.).
    • Always be directly in the know regarding SWCC public education forums.
    • Know that you are an important part of making critical work for our community possible like
      • Advocating for a managed beach vendor program and additional Code Enforcement presence on the beaches;
      • Stopping the Hampton Inn on 30A;
      • Assisting community members in getting more appropriate and sustainable developments in their neighborhoods (i.e. Azzuro Condominiums);
      • Encouraging the BCC to adopt smart planning and growth management practices like adding new tree preservation language to the Land Development Code;
      • Challenging variances and land use changes that aren't warranted;
      • Providing education to our citizens on everything from black bears to how county government works, to safety issues at the 395/30A intersection.

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