Memorial Service for Joe Baker

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    If I knew how to work Facebook I would have put it there, too.

    From today's Daily News\

    Joe Baker, 63, died on September 29 of an aortic aneurysm. He graduated from the University of Tennessee and had lived on the Florida coast for over thirty years. Former employers include Sam Montalto, Cash Moore and Christy Haines. Joe was sports fan and fitness buff who ran five miles daily on the beach. He was a wine and spirits aficionado who tolerated fools lightly and tourists even less. He enjoyed Hardball with Chris Matthews and loved sunbathing.
    Survivors include his daughter, Kristin-Jo Drerup (Dennis), two sisters Sandra Baker and Brenda Williamson and three grandchildren (Killian, Grayson and Alexis). His close friends, Susan and Buz Livingston, miss him dearly. Their children, Jim and Blair, considered him an uncle.
    Send memorials to the Rescue Mission in Panama City or Fort Walton Beach.
    Join his family and friends for a celebration of Joe?s life at the beach walkover across from his home in Blue Mountain thirty minutes before sunset, Tuesday October 5. Bring your champagne glass.
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    So very sad to hear this news. My sympathy to his family and many friends. I sure will miss chatting with him when I am on BMB. I could always count on seeing him there.

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