Morris, Campbell and Fuller Lakes Management Meeting and Discussion

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    Management Plan Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 24th at the Coastal Branch Library (9am-12). Please visit for more information.
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    Morris, Campbell and Fuller
    Management Plan Meetings
    Monday, April 24, 2006

    I. Areas of Concern

    Invasive Exotic Species ***

    ? Impact from torpedo grass
    ? Is there an impact from the increasing presence of water-lilies
    ? Conducting a risk/benefit analysis for treatment
    ? What will you put in place of the torpedo-grass

    Management of Outlet *

    ? Streamline permitting process to alleviate impact to road and low-lying areas
    ? Defining impact from saltwater intrusion
    ? Maintaining connection between Fuller and Morris Lakes

    Storm-water Management *

    ? Impact from construction traffic
    ? Potential impact from Fuller road
    ? Defining impact from adjacent properties
    ? Impact from intersection of 30-A and Hwy 98

    Preservation and Enhancement ****

    ? Preserving and improving the current conditions
    ? Maintaining these lakes as natural systems
    ? Limiting outside influence (e.g. political, development and individual needs)


    ? More information on the importance of these rare ecosystems

    Impacts from Hurricanes

    ? Removing debris

    Recreational Access

    ? Part of the Park?s mission is to improve access for the public

    ? Erosion and sedimentation resulting from increased use

    II. Potential Solutions

    ? Put link on our website to Leda?s interview on the Weather Channel to increase outreach Wed/Thurs 8-10

    ? Need to identify time, money and man-power

    ? Identify specific needs and strategy through the management plan (scientifically based)

    ? Utilizing volunteer resources

    ? Approaching local stakeholders

    ? Determining partnerships and specific areas of interest

    ? Identify potential funding sources

    ? Facilitate community involvement and stewardship

    ? Use park service resources to provide training to citizens

    ? Utilize adaptive management strategies

    ? Redefining strategies as education/knowledge increases

    ? Encourage/Require floating docks to accommodate lake level changes

    ? Use flooding as a method to treat invasive exotic species

    ? Engineer the road design to Fuller Lake to accommodate potential flooding/remediate storm-water runoff

    ? Identify impact from storm-water runoff from adjacent facilities and define storm-water project

    ? Determine impact from storm-water runoff from intersection of 30-A and Hwy 98

    ? Contact Local, State and Federal legislators about increasing protection for the lakes and their associated wetlands

    ? Utilize existing information contained in the management plans of both 4-Mile Village and Topsail Hill Preserve for these lakes

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