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Beach Crab
Apr 8, 2021
Columbia, SC
Hi, I'm a college sophomore looking to work in the 30A area for May-July. I'm looking for either a studio/1br place to stay or some roommates who want to rent a larger place together. My email is if you have a place available or are looking for roommates also!


Beach Comber
Apr 8, 2021
Santa Rosa Beach, FL area
Hello Alyssa! My daughter is in the same predicament! She's graduating college 4/24 and just accepted an internship in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with no place to live. We've looked for days now trying to find a place that she can afford but it's not looking good. With the possibility of a roommate, it definitely could help with the search. The internship starts 5/9 and goes through the first week of Aug. so the timing you have mentioned is pretty close to hers. If you'd like to speak with her, I can email you and give you her email address and maybe you two could talk? Let me know, thank you!

Hilary Johnson
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