Star Gazing at Eden Gardens | Sept. 27

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    The Friends of Eden Gardens State Park invite the public to the an evening of Star Gazing on Friday, Sept. 27th from 5:30-9:30pm. If you have visited Eden Gardens State Park on a clear night you are aware of how spectacular the night sky can be. With the help of advanced telescopes and local astronomers with the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association, you will be taken on a celestial tour, observing the constellations, galaxies, planets, their moons, and dying stars.

    Please wear weather appropriate clothing and bring bug repellent. If you bring a flashlight, please use a red filter to minimize the effect on night vision. The gazes themselves are free, however normal park entry fees do apply.

    This one-night event is open to eager stargazers of all ages and will take place on the Historic Wesley House lawn. Star gazers are welcome to bring your own telescopes. Those with prior star gazing experience, or knowledge of the constellations, are encouraged to contribute to the learning experience.

    Eden Gardens State Park is located in historic Point Washington, north of Hwy 98. There is ample parking available within the park. For further information call 267-8320. More information is also available by visiting


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