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    Meeting minutes excerpt from December 4, 2018 TDC meeting:

    o Chairman Veldman brought forth to the council the topic of Walton County TDC Director Jay
    Tusa's current salary. Mr. Veldman stated that Mr. Tusa's salary is currently $128,052.70 with
    TDT revenues of over $20 million dollars in the fiscal year 2018. In comparison, the Bay
    County TDC director’s annual salary is $196,000, with approximate TDT revenues of $22
    million after 11 years in the position, and the Okaloosa County TDC director’s annual salary is
    $158,000, with approximate TDT revenues of $20 million after one and a half years in the
    position. Chairman Veldman noted that Walton County has the lowest paid TDC executive
    director in the area, yet has one of the highest revenues. Chairman Veldman recommended
    that Walton County bring the Walton County TDC director’s pay in line with those neighboring
    counties. Chairman Veldman noted that these are competitive positions, and the TDC has
    gone through tremendous positive changes under Mr. Tusa's leadership.

    o Council Member Richard asked if Mr. Tusa had received any salary increases during his
    tenure. Chairman Veldman stated that Mr. Tusa’s salary when hired was $119,500 and he
    has received subsequent cost of living increases each year: October 2016 of $3,500.00,
    October 2017 of $2,400 and October 2018 of $2,510. Council Member Hagen agreed with
    Chairman Veldman that Mr. Tusa’s performance warranted more than only cost of living
    increases. He further stated that for someone with Mr. Tusa’s skill set, experience and
    leadership, it’s important to reward them appropriately. Furthermore, he noted that Mr. Tusa is
    a proactive leader who stays in front of issues and provides great leadership, which he feels
    warrant a significant salary increase.

    Council Member Avera agreed, saying that she has
    worked with Mr. Tusa from the beginning and was on the selection committee when he was
    hired. Council Member Avera credited his professionalism, strength and leadership with
    making him a great resource to Walton County. She said the TDC council would be remiss if
    they did not increase his pay. Council Member Norris noted that Walton County’s population is
    one of the smallest in the state, but garners one of the highest TDT revenues in Florida. He
    added that it takes Mr. Tusa’s demonstrated leadership to produce the revenue and manage
    the number of employees at the TDC while continuing to improve the destination.

    Council Member Christenson said he’s seen improvement brought about through Mr. Tusa’s
    Walton County Board of County Commissioners
    Board of County leadership of the TDC and his guidance during the strategic planning process. Commissioners Meeting Agenda -Final December 17, Commissioner 2018

    Nick also noted that Mr. Tusa is a true asset to Walton County, and that he has personally
    seen positive changes under Mr. Tusa’s leadership. Chairman Veldman added that the
    County/TDC hires employees for their value and they have a valuable asset in Mr. Tusa.

    o Council Member Avera made a motion, seconded by Council Member Hagen to recommend
    that the BCC consider a pay increase for Jay Tusa in the range of 15 to 20 percent, with a
    yearly review 12 months from the date of the increase.

    BCC Action

    ❖ Commissioner Chapman stated that 15% would be right below what the County Administrator
    makes and 20% would bring his salary to significantly more than the County Administrator makes.
    He recommended a 12% increase that would bring it to $143,419.

    ❖ Commissioner Glidewell expressed concern about doing this outside of the regular process of
    doing county employee increases and what message that delivers to the rest of the employees,
    some of whom are also underpaid.

    ❖ Commissioner Chapman stated that the County Administrator and TDC Director’s salary are
    managed through contracts which is different from the other employees.
    ❖ Commissioner Anderson commented that he feels he is grossly underpaid compared to his
    counterparts around the state. It is also very costly every time we lose and employee. He has
    worked with him for two years and thinks he is doing a great job.
    ❖ Commissioner Nick stated that he likes Jay and he has done a wonderful job. It has reflected in
    his personal business.
    ❖ Tim Norris – echoed Pam Avera’s comments. He has done a great job. He is somebody we want
    to keep.
    ❖ Leigh Moore spoke in support of the TDC’s recommendation.
    ❖ Approved the 12% increase unanimously

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