Flounders For Fishmas 2017!

That time of the year when two of my favorite seasons collide, Christmas and Flounder!

I have always been a big fan of Christmas time, decorations, family, gatherings & presents always gets me happy and engaged. The fact that this is when the Flounder bite is at it's peak just off the beach at South Walton only makes it better.

South Walton Smells Fishy

The past two weeks we've had some wonderful weather here at the beach.

Warm, sunny and calm with no crowds, it's times like this that makes you remember why you live here!

Alas, all good things come to end and it started blowing pretty dang hard out of the NE yesterday morning and the forecast is for that wind to continue for most of the week. No big surf on the beach (yet) but I sure wouldn't want to be two miles offshore in a 23 knot wind.

Tryin' to Reason with the Season

The last two weeks had us trying to reason with not just hurricane season, but the Feds fishin' season.

Harvey missed Florida completely but still had enough residual surf to keep us from fishing the first two days of our limited 10 day Triggerfish season and two of the last four days of Red Snapper by shutting down the first half of Labor Day weekend.


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