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  1. Zumbachick

    Free Body Fat Assessment

    3 Pillar Health will host a Health Seminar at 2 PM on Sunday May 7th at 2 PM at the Fit Your Way Studios. During the course of the FREE Seminar you will learn the latest Nutritional Health Science and how you can use it to your health advantage. Over 100 people in the Santa Rosa Beach area...
  2. Zumbachick

    Learn How To Achieve The Lean & Healthy Lifestyle You Want - Free 3 Pillar Health Seminar

    Are you tired of weight loss, wellness and health programs that do not work? Are you tired of being afraid to eat? Does food seem to be your enemy? Then you should come to this FREE Seminar. You will only change your results if you change your lifestyle. We have a proven record of success in...
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