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  1. Zumbachick

    Learn How To Achieve The Lean & Healthy Lifestyle You Want - Free 3 Pillar Health Seminar

    Are you tired of weight loss, wellness and health programs that do not work? Are you tired of being afraid to eat? Does food seem to be your enemy? Then you should come to this FREE Seminar. You will only change your results if you change your lifestyle. We have a proven record of success in...
  2. Nikki L

    Rapid Fat Loss, Muscle Definition AND Some!

    I'm a Personal Trainer & Health/Wellness Coach, offering 30 - 60 minute sessions to women who are wanting to experience rapid fat loss, muscle definition and lots of other body, mind and soul benefits. I will happily drive to you and train you in your home/gym or we have the luxury of training...
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