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  1. ShimmeringSeas

    shimmering seas live show tonight 6pm cst facebook

    JOIN US TONIGHT on FACEBOOK at 6 PM CST L I V E S A L E Valentine's Day 10 Day Countdown Lot's of Great Ideas for the People you Love!
  2. MegBenc85

    Job Wanted Experienced Fortune 50 social media manager, strategist, consultant now accepting new clients

    Hello, I recently moved to the area and am now accepting new clients who are looking for a freelance social media manager with extensive experience in copywriting, brand health and governance, strategy, project management, and community management. I currently work as an integrated marketing...
  3. D

    Job Available Operations Manager

    OPERATIONS MANAGER Can you move quickly while staying extremely organized? Can you work well under pressure? You would be in charge of all invoicing and small packages that ship out. Are you accurate with numbers and love lists? You would take ownership of everything operational, from...
  4. S

    Social media/Creative/Marketing for local brands and companies

    We are looking for the entrepreneur or business owner that has a passion for seeing their brand explode and sales climb. We know the value of a tribe of brand ambassadors and fervent base of rabid fans. And we know how to build it for you. If you are spending most of your time running your...
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