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  1. Shard Shop

    The Shard Shop has Relocated!

    While you've been away, we've been busy! Here at the Shard Shop, we have been working on moving and remodeling to make the Shard Shop experience even better for you! Our Destin location has MOVED to Grayton Beach, and we're so excited to host you at our fabulous location in Shops of Grayton...
  2. Shard Shop

    The Shard Shop is back open!

    The Shard Shop in Grayton Beach, FL is BACK OPEN! Starting May 18th, we are resuming normal business hours. Come make #ShardWorx #GlassArt with us! Gloves and masks are available, and we are offering indoor and outdoor accommodations for creating art with safety in mind. Reserve your spot...
  3. Shard Shop Grayton

    Job Available Summer Resin Tech Needed

    Learn to apply the finishing touches to some amazing art as our summer Resin Tech using epoxy resin! The Shard Shop is a fun make your own art boutique using repurposed glass on a painted surface and covered with art resin! If you can be counted on to show up and complete someone's masterpiece...
New posts

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