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  1. UofL
    Phone, saved image, voila, fun souvenir
    Uploaded by: UofL, Jun 21, 2013, 0 comments, in category: Miscellaneous
  2. Topsail Transplant
    Big Red at Red Bar Oct 2009 best spot
    Uploaded by: Topsail Transplant, Oct 19, 2009, 0 comments, in category: Miscellaneous
  3. augustarts

    Red Bar

    front entrance to the red bar. (composite image)
    Uploaded by: augustarts, Jun 13, 2008, 0 comments, in category: Business & Products
  4. RiverOtter
  5. RiverOtter
    Red Bar Sunday Standard
    Uploaded by: RiverOtter, Sep 20, 2005, 3 comments, in album: Member Album by RiverOtter