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  1. M

    How early can I set up at Seacrest?

    My sister set up our family beach trip this year. While I'm excited to experience 30A, the whole beach chair issue has my stomach rolling. I did some researching that we may set up our personal chairs an hour after sunrise but want to be sure. Truthfully I wish I had been in charge of it and...
  2. J

    New Market! Vendors Needed!!

    Hi All!! Just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that we are currently accepting vendor applications for a market/festival day on October 28th . The event will be at the Boy's and Girl's Club in Santa Rosa Beach and will feature local artist, food, businesses, crafts and much more! We...
  3. FactorFiction

    Photographers On The Beach in Walton County

    Our beaches are beautiful backdrops for all types of photography, so it is understandable that photographers and their clients are taking advantage of that; however, I have been dismayed to see quite a few of them using the dunes and/or private walkovers for photo sessions. I don't mean that...
New posts

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