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  1. John Wiggins

    For Sale Freedom Boat Club Membership

    My wife and I are selling our Freedom Boat Club Membership. We purchased last summer and enjoyed it immensely but with our twins heading off to college, we are looking to sell quickly. Please contact me directly on my cell (251) 583 3396 if interested and I'll be happy to answer any questions...
  2. T

    Wanted Freedom boat club membership Tampa Bay Area

    I would like to purchase a freedom boat club membership if anyone is selling. Figured I would try to save some money before purchasing for full price directly. Email: Thanks in advance
  3. P

    Wanted Freedom Boat Club membership

    I would like to buy a Freedom Boat Club membership anyone have one for sale? Phil . Gone826@yahoo. Com
  4. J

    For Sale Freedom Boat Club Membership for sale

    Freedom Boat Club Membership for sale. I am selling my Freedom Boat Club Membership @ at a 40% discount rate off the current pricing of $6500. There are 3 levels $239, 339, and 449 a month. The various levels give you a different amount of reservations that can be booked at once. We have never...
  5. J

    For Sale Freedom Boat Club Membership for Sale

    We are selling our Freedom Boat Club Membership. We will be selling ours at a heavily discounted rate as the current pricing is $6500. Ours will be listed at a 35% discount which will include the mandatory transfer fee payable to the club. We are currently are enrolled in the second tier which...
  6. Miichelle Mackey

    For Sale Break out your business plan

    This corner parcel is an entrepreneur's dream! Owner financing is an option, as is parcel division and joint venture consideration. 1600 feet of road frontage with Coastal Center land use, all general and neighborhood commercial plus 8 units per acre residential density - imagine the...
  7. J

    For Sale Freedom Boat Club Membership - Discounted

    I am selling my Freedom Boat Club membership. My wife and I absolutely love being on the water and this club membership is such an amazing deal. However, we are now expecting our first child and in an effort to make sure we have all our bases covered for this huge occasion, we decided to sell...
New posts

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