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  1. P

    Wanted looking for 4BR house for 1 year lease

    Hi, we are a family of 4 looking for a long term rental starting within the next few months for one year. Need at least 2000 square feet. Dune Lakes zoning/community pool preferred but not essential. Flexible timing and budget depending on the specs of the house. thank you!
  2. dlfamily

    Wanted 3-4 BR for Family-LTL starting Feb 2021

    The owner of our current long term rental in BMB is putting the home on the market in the New Year, so we're trying to plan ahead for a Jan/Feb move. We're looking for a long term rental starting February 1 (possibly earlier) for our family of 4 - 3+ Bedrooms, preferably 1-yr lease. Must be in...
  3. dlfamily

    Wanted Seeking 4BR rental for Feb 1

    Looking for a 4BR (possibly 3BR) long-term rental for a Feb 1 start! We’d like to find a family-friendly neighborhood in an area like Point Washington or Peach Creek. Dune Lakes Elementary school zone is top priority. Hoping to plan ahead and get something lined up in advance! Thank you!
  4. dlfamily

    Wanted 3-4 BR long-term rental in Point Washington or Peach Creek

    Looking for a 3- to 4-bedroom long-term rental for a family relocating in December. Looking to stay as close to $2K as possible, but all options are being carefully considered. Thank you!
  5. dlfamily

    Wanted 3-4 BR in Dune Lakes Elementary school zone

    *Must be in Dune Lakes Elementary School zone *December availability - family relocating from Tallahassee *3-4 bedroom home *12 month lease *Hoping to stay around $2000/month *Please PM details - thank you!
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