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  1. Maystrong

    Pedestrian Tunnel Construction at East Scenic 30A & 98 Inlet Beach

    I see that they are going to start work on the tunnel going under 98 at the east end of 30A intersection. Has anyone heard anything about what the traffic plan is going to be? We all know this is going to be an 18 month traffic nightmare, but businesses on that end of 30A need to know at least...
  2. J

    30A Mobility - Community Discussion 2.0 - 10/13/16

    In August, The Seaside Institute hosted the first “Let’s Talk” event to discuss your 30A Mobility concerns. It was a lively group with some great ideas and concerns. We invite you to return this October to review the progress that has been made since we last met. Some of the new ideas may...
  3. J

    30A Traffic Issues: Community Discussion 8/11/16

    The Seaside Institute is hosting a Community Discussion regarding 30A Mobility THIS Thursday. See below for the details or on the Facebook Event Posting The Seaside Institute has been acting as a catalyst for discussions with the County and worldwide experts on transit and transportation to try...
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