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  1. Zumbachick

    FREE Functional Health Seminar Jan. 13th at Fit Your Way

    Check out the article the Walton Sun wrote about Drew's experience. He was not expected to be alive in 2019! Well, he is more than just alive! Over 170 people have done 3 Pillars in Santa Rosa Beach. What we do is so much more than just help people improve their health. Lives are changed and...
  2. Nicki Sibley

    FREE Lunch & Learn: Invest In Your Health

    Join us Friday, December 8th, 12 - 1 pm for a FREE Lunch & Learn hosted by Dr. Kyle Chavers of Foundations Medical Center at Grand Fitness. Dr. Chavers will be educating us on the role functional medicine can play in your weight loss journey and Whole Foods Market will be providing light bites...
  3. Nikki L

    In-Home Senior Fitness

    I'm a Personal Trainer & Health/Wellness Coach, offering 30 - 60 minute sessions to women who are (preferably) 55+. If you are wanting to gain health benefits, reduce the risk of disease, perform activities of daily living successfully, increase your mobility, have strong bones, muscles and...
  4. Zumbachick

    Free Seminar Aug 20th: Do You Need To Get Serious About Your Health?

    Over 100 of your Walton County neighbors and friends have joined the 3 Pillar Program. People join 3 Pillars because they are dealing with a disease, heading toward a disease or aging faster than what they think they should? Do you look in the mirror and shake your head? These are all the...
  5. Zumbachick

    Come To Your First 3 Pillar Health Meeting For Free At Fit Your Way

    Hi, over 100 people in Santa Rosa Beach have completed this program. You may have heard about it. It is a 16 week course with everything you need to reach a greater degree of health. IT WORKS! Send us an email for more information at fyw30a@gmail.com. The meeting will be held this Sunday...
  6. Zumbachick

    Learn How To Achieve The Lean & Healthy Lifestyle You Want - Free 3 Pillar Health Seminar

    Are you tired of weight loss, wellness and health programs that do not work? Are you tired of being afraid to eat? Does food seem to be your enemy? Then you should come to this FREE Seminar. You will only change your results if you change your lifestyle. We have a proven record of success in...
  7. Zumbachick

    "Ending the Fear of Fat" by Dr. John Hinckley at Fit Your Way

    Sunday, Feb 12th at 3 pm Dr. John Hinckely will present the latest in Functional Medicine with his FREE seminar entited, "Ending the Fear of Fat." This seminar will inform attendees of the latest nutritional science concerning our healthiest nutritional choices. Dr. Hinckely spent 16 years in...
  8. Doctor Daphne

    Doctors' Choice - The First Carcinogen Free Coffee In Unique Lifestyle Blends

    Now available at Health Food Store in Santa Rosa Beach: For The Health Of It South Walton’s Organic Grocer & Massage Therapy Provider 2217 West County Hwy 30A Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 Three (3) unique lifestyle blends to suit your day and fit with your lifestyle. Anti Aging Memory Support...
  9. Nikki L

    Rapid Fat Loss, Muscle Definition AND Some!

    I'm a Personal Trainer & Health/Wellness Coach, offering 30 - 60 minute sessions to women who are wanting to experience rapid fat loss, muscle definition and lots of other body, mind and soul benefits. I will happily drive to you and train you in your home/gym or we have the luxury of training...
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