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Beach Crab
May 20, 2020
Blue Mountain Beach
Aware that this is a long-shot but looking for a (preferably) furnished 1+ bedroom rental carriage house, apartment, studio along 30A, north of 98, Miramar Beach, or Destin, West PCB, for 3-6 mos ++. Looking for under $2k per month. Finance professional who works remotely and has been here with family in Blue Mountain Beach during the pandemic. Credit scores and references upon request. Also willing to perform handyman/pool/house-checking/yard work as needed (for those who may have a carriage house/studio/apartment and may be averse to a tenant? Or if out of town for the spring/summer). Trying Sowal, Nextdoor, Zillow, and friends / family for leads. We live in quite a popular place!
Thanks for any options/leads/ideas.
Chris Milich
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