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Crystal Shores, nestled in the Seaside Communities of Crystal Beach is a virtual wonderland of Coastal, Seaside architecture with Picket fences and laid back living. It’s like going back in time to a more casual lifestyle. Walk on over, just a few doors down to the Community pool for a swim or just around the corner from there is the Public Beach Access with a Pavilion with Picnic Tables, bath facilities and handicap provision with a ramp down to the beach. Catch some rays or do some Paddle Boarding or kayak. So much to do at the beach. All along the Scenic beach road there is a large sidewalk where any time of the day you find walkers, joggers, biking and dog walking. Just 3 Blocks from this community you'll find Whole Foods, Publix, Destin Commons with movies, shopping dining and entertainment. You'll also find Numerous smaller shopping areas in Crystal Beach.


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