30A studio, 1BR, or roommate

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    My fiance and I are from 30A and are moving back next month.

    Budget is around $1000 (can go higher if utilities are included) and we would prefer to be as close to 30A as possible, as that's where both our jobs are. Looking for a studio or 1BR, or someone to join us as a roommate on a 2BR.

    We would also LOVE to become your new roommates! Got a spare room?

    We are in our lte 20s/early 30s. Non partiers, non smokers, and mostly keep to ourselves. We are very positive people and get along best with those of a similar personality. We are so lucky to live in paradise, and every day is a GIFT! :):):)

    Thanks for reading!

    Please contact Angel at 850.499.0161

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