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Dec 15, 2011
Commissioners voted to hold 3 public workshops in March to address beach access issues.

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Unfortunately the Sheriff is an elected position and so very political. I've always felt that public safety programs and it's chief law officer should be professional and not elected. . Go beach mice!

Go Mice Templar!!!

Unfortunately, you are correct that the office of Sheriff is VERY political, not just here, but in most Florida Counties.

Here in Walton, we have an Elected Official as Sheriff that is related to others very close and VERY involved in other facets of County and City Government. I don't see that in other Florida Counties, if it is, its not as obvious as it is here.

The Adkinson Law Firm, composed of Clay and Clayton Adkinson have hands in most County, and City (DeFuniak and Freeport) business. Clay was also the TDC attorney. The sheriff, a direct and close relation is the elected sheriff that is supposed to provide unbiased enforcement of law. Go look at who raised the money for sheriff Mike when he ran for his first term. Must make his job very difficult.

With childhood friends that are past BCC Members that were hit with ethics complaints, large donors that were indicted / investigated and family in high positions of power, is it any wonder there are questions?

I think its fair to question the set up of our Entire County Government, not just the office of sheriff, although his kicking the can to the BCC was quite telling today.

As the woman from DFS commented today at the BCC Meeting, and I'm paraphrasing; "all of the employees here are related". Yes ma'am they are...

It was a classic moment and assuming its not edited out, is worth the view on the County Video. What's even better is that she is from DeFuniak Springs which threw many of the BCC off during the meeting.


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Aug 5, 2005
The sheriffs departments going to be very busy with nusance calls regarding trespassers instead of protecting and serving the county......

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Anyone know exactly how many beach owners have completed their WCSO SOP packet?

That would give us a good number as to how "busy" they'll be. They won't enforce Trespassing if you don't have it.


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Jul 7, 2007
Commissioners voted to hold 3 public workshops in March to address beach access issues.
BCC voted to hold ONE public workshop. They discussed three possible dates and settled on either March 16 or March 30 depending on the availability of Emerald Coast Middle School which is the location. They did this to avoid having to wait until the next BCC meeting to be certain of the date. Time set is 5-8 pm. The chosen date will be known soon and then advertised and will be on the county website


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Oct 1, 2006
Seagrove Beach
Statewide Reform Efforts
The state of Florida is currently attempting to apply the public trust doctrine to expand public beach access throughout the state. Unfortunately, no perfect method for doing this yet exists and the law is currently being applied on a case-by-case basis. Litigation has also been used in attempts to apply the customary use doctrine and prescriptive easements. However, these cases are rarely successful and when they are, they are only applied to the specific situation under review. Based on Florida’s case law, there does not seem to be a high likelihood of the expansion of the public trust doctrine, or any other law, to cover the dry sand beach in the foreseeable future.

An excellent summary of beach access policy and case law in Florida is Sand for the People: The Continuing Controversy Over Public Access to Florida’s Beaches, by Erika Kranz, which appeared in the The Florida Bar Journal, June, 2009 Volume 83, No. 6. Here is an excerpt from the article’s conclusion:

“Given the importance of Florida’s beaches to the state’s tourism-based economy, ensuring public access to this sandy asset is essential. Numerous legal tools are available that might provide more populist alternatives to Florida’s beach privatization trend, though no single existing tool has the capacity for broad utility in preserving public access to the state’s beaches.

The state finds itself in a very tough place in its effort to preserve public access to one of its most valuable resources. Given Florida’s coastal access law today, the state is currently without any particularly effective tools to provide its citizens and visitors lasting access to its beaches. Florida’s best chance for a broadly applicable tool for beach access is to follow Oregon’s lead by broadening the customary use doctrine. Without such measures, the state and private property owners will likely be subjected to imperfect and expensive case-by-case litigation, a strategy too time consuming and expensive for the state to sustain over time.


Beach Crab
Dec 12, 2009
These "neighborhood" accesses have become additional de facto "regional accesses" in many cases due to the overall lack of public access compared to the need. Instead of advertising the TDC should use their millions to purchase additional beachfront, with an emphasis on acquiring property around existing accesses. Inland property should also be acquired to provide parking and amenities such as bathrooms and picnic areas. Notice I said purchase, not take. As far as the shuttles, a little common sense preventive governance could whisper in the providers ear that the state parks would be a much better destination for their shuttles and the beaches are less crowded than around the neighborhood accesses.

Right on. The shuttles and drop offs will continue to get worse. Good idea on the State Parks. Plenty of room and amenities.
The vacationers would actually enjoy being there more than at the over crowded public and private access beaches.

There is no need for advertising South Walton Beaches. Over crowded and unsustainable as it is. If the TDC does advertise, they should limit to targeting the off season only. Everybody knows where this community is. They will find it.
Use the TDC funds to improve the community. Buy properties for parking. Solar light the Bike Path. Light the Crosswalks in
Seaside, Rosemary and Seagrove and any other areas where it is hard to see people at night crossing the road.

Danny Glidewell

Beach Fanatic
Mar 26, 2008
I think there is a place for the TDC but as with anything else the mission must change as circumstances change. They have been extremely successful at marketing and branding Walton County's beaches but we have reached the saturation point with the current infrastructure. So the goal needs to change to improving amenities and access before we seek increases in visitors again. It does no one any good to convince someone to visit and then they have an awful time due to parking, beach access and roadway inadequacy. Especially at the prices they are charged. Locals would be less irritated if those issues were addressed as well. Everyone benefits from finally addressing the issues instead of kicking them down the road as has been the practice for the last 10 years are so.
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