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Beach Fanatic
Mar 1, 2006
Seagrove Beach
i'm so grateful for this bust!! it couldn't have happened to a better region :)

this place was becoming a haven for criminals, morally bankrupt "business people" and corrupt local officials who do not require investors to abide by state development laws.

the beauty of the bust is hopefully that it will stop this irresponsible development and criminal business behavior. hopefully people will understand that progress and development require infrastructure and community instead of condo after condo after condo. no more "give me your money and shut up". people who invest here will HAVE to make it a safe, happy and worthwhile place to live or they will know what REAL bad times are. HURRAH!

horace albumin

Beach Comber
Feb 17, 2007
Re: Aquatera website

website gone; ZOL Developments website gone- offices closed
Most of his Atlanta properties gone in foreclosures; a few in Florida and Texas in BKR


Beach Crab
Dec 29, 2006
well his private house (estate) was auctioned off at the court house steps on May 1, so there is something to this Karma thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004
The time has come -- Aug 10, 11:00am Courthouse steps, Defuniak Springs --
Bring your cash and you can buy the property once known for having a great pre-sale party (Aquaterra), unless Zohouri and his peeps can hand over about $44.5 million.

I wonder if EBSCO will pick it up at a steal. :dunno:

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
OK, my lot at Aquaterra probably won't end up being a great investment. But my lot at "Chateau de Paris" is ok, right?

:rotfl: ...oui oui!!!!
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