BCC members want personal attorneys paid for after the fact

Discussion in 'Local Government and Groups' started by Patriot Games, Sep 12, 2016.

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    On Tuesday agenda there are bills being submitted to pay for personal attorneys for Chapman and Jones an some legal cases. The BCC had agreed to pay for counsel if a commissioner was named personally in a suit such as Comander or Meadows. These bills are not that, Chapman and Jones haven't been sued personally. You can't even tell with the bill from chapman what case it is for. In the jones cases, the county already had counsel representing the BCC in both cases. She just decided to bring her political ally Shipman to sit with her at county expense. Hello....she wasn't sued and the county has counsel. Why should we pay for Shipman's bills in the first case almost a year after it happened. If this wasn't authorized before it happened, then it happened outside the sunshine just like Miller and Adkinson. This representation should have been authorized specifically and in the sunshine, BEFORE the counsel represented them. I say these bills are for Jones and Chapman to pay if not authorized before hand. Who OK'd the hourly rate? Shipman's changed from 250 to 300 per hour on the billing. Check the BCC agenda and you will see them.
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    Isn't it ironic how fees always go up when the county foots the bill?
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    What was the vote? I assume the two welfare queens abstained?

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