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Will B

Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, GA
I reckon folk really want blue tick hounds...

Can somebody re-title this thread "5 year old Blue Tick hound free to good home"...


It's an honest mistake. No harm no foul.

We have a Red Bone Coonhound. They all are great dogs!

Once again, this is a 5 year old thread. BOUDREAUX found a home in April of 2008.

Uhhhh...this dog is close to six years old now. Very old thread!

As of yesterday, this thread was six years old. Boudreaux must be a really desirable dog!


Beach Crab
Sep 9, 2014
very interested in free blue hound puppy live stonington il. need a good family pet my only other dog just passed had 14 217=325=379six

Leader of the Banned

Beach Fanatic
Apr 23, 2013
That blue tic hound puppy is probably a great grandmother by now.


Beach Crab
Sep 19, 2014
Great I would love to have him . Please give me a call @ two 5 six2eight40seven58. So we can tell u bout family who would love to have him and perfect for my 14 year old daughter best friend.
A friend of mine is trying to find a home for an 11 week old, male blue tick hound dog. The puppy is a half brother to her 3 year old blue tick hound.

The puppy had a home until last night when the new owners said he was being bullied by their other dogs, and so my friend had to pick him up. She cannot keep him herself.

PM me if you would like to contact her.
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