Call for Volunteer to Serve on Walton County Code Board

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    Call for Volunteer to Serve on Walton County Code Board

    Walton County is currently accepting applications for all vacancies on the Walton County Code Board. Appointed members would begin their terms in February of 2021.

    Positions are as follows: Architect, General Contractor, Subcontractor, Realtor, Engineer and (2) Citizens.

    The application period will be open until the positions are filled.

    It's easy to volunteer. All you need to do is complete a Walton County Volunteer Application, provide a brief background of your experience and indicate which Board, Commission, Council or Committee on which you would be willing to serve. (* indicates an annual Financial Disclosure Form must be submitted to serve)

    Public participation in government is at the heart of democracy. A great way to become part of your local government is through volunteering to serve on one of the County's many advisory Boards, Commissions, Councils or Committees. These volunteer opportunities allow all citizens to become engaged with local government and provide advice and recommendations from a citizen perspective to the Board of County Commissioners.

    Walton County citizens can volunteer to serve on any of the County Boards, Commissions, Councils or Committees listed below:

    * Affordable Housing Committee
    * Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Committee
    * Code Enforcement Board*
    * Contractors' Competency Board
    * Design Review Board*
    * Library Advisory Board
    * Planning Commission*
    * Public Safety Coordinating Council
    * RESTORE Committee
    * TRIUMPH Committee
    * Zoning Board of Adjustments*

    Hardcopy applications can be found on the County website at

    Online applications can be completed at Walton County, FL - Home Page.

    Hardcopy applications can be dropped off at County Administration at 76 N. 6th Street in DeFuniak Springs or faxed to 850-892-8454.
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