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Beach Fanatic
Jun 6, 2008
Arlington, TX
Hubs and I had Cafe Tango plans but I've heard mixed reviews on them lately so we decided to try Christiano's. Our good was great, the portions were very generous, the service was very good, Chef Chris came out and visited the tables and was very friendly and appreciative of the diners. I am so glad we tried it out! I had Badabing shrimp-wow rich and delicious! Hubs really enjoyed his chicken and sausage gumbo, very dark roux. I had Summer Special of Rene's Shrimp Cappelini, it was great! Hubs had sausage and peppers penne with pomodoro sauce-this was perfect! We have the amaretto choc cake in the fridge for dessert for later!


SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
BTW, we had a fantastic dinner at Christianos last weekend. Not too crowded. Excellent service. Wonderful food. May be the best chicken & sausage gumbo on the coast. Also enjoyed the beautiful pizza and pasta with clams, and delicious calamari. There is a lot more on the menu waiting for me to sample!


Beach Lover
Jul 10, 2005
And he is a BIG Steeler fan...we love Christiano' has become a line item in our budget. The whole fish on the mnenu is divine and the triggerfish meuniere--awesome.

Miss Kitty

Jun 10, 2005
Hello! It's been a long time since I have made a rec in the dining forum, but really wanted to give a shout out to a restaurant new to us! We have passed by Christiano's a thousand times on our jaunts east and west on 98, but had never dined there! When DD was in town last weekend with her new to the area pals, we were stumped as to where to go for dinner one night and Mr. K did some research. Up came Christiano's! What a delightful surprise! The service, the wine, the food...all fabulous! Great selection of seafood and pasta dishes....very fresh! It is obvious that Chef Chris and his staff take great pride in what they do. We will be back soon and suggest all y'all give it a try!


Beach Comber
Sep 3, 2008
My husband and I love Christiano's !!!! It the best Italian restaurant in at least 3 counties because it's the only Italian restaurant we will go too!!!
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