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Danny Glidewell

Beach Fanatic
Mar 26, 2008
Born & Bread, I don't know who you are because that is your choice. I know who you plan to/have voted for because you choose to reveal that. Who you vote for is your right and you can choose the reasons behind that vote. You can denounce those signs because they are not very nice and they are tacky. That is your right as well. You can choose not to answer Bob Well's questions because as you point out you are not a candidate. But two wrongs do not make a right. While you can also choose to repeatedly play a tacky video that is not nice, ask yourself, is that really who you want to be? Have you ever lost your temper at work or said things you wish you had not? I know I have. The difference in you and I and Ms. Meadows is that when we lost our temper or said things we wished we had not, a video camera was not there to record it and someone with no moral compass did not decide to take those moments and edit them to really make us look bad. If Tony Anderson is the man I think he is he would not want to win on this sort of stuff but would want to win on the issues. Is this really who ya'll want to be?

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Great points Danny. We all make mistakes and sometimes say things in heated situations, on this forum and in other places.

All I know is that the results will be in Tuesday night.

If Mr. Anderson wins, good for him and perhaps he'll reign in his attack hounds.

If Meadows wins, the Anderson camp can look no further to C. Jones and her antics this campaign. I'd also expect to see a large dump of $ into Amy Cobbles campaign account.

Anyway you slice it, I think a large amount of citizens have had Enough of Commissioner Jones and its going to be a focused effort to find a replacement over the next two years.

In closing, Danny G., Please consider running for local office. People from N, middle and S, respect you. You are a fair and honest man. You know what this County needs. You have vision.


Dec 15, 2011
@Danny Glidewell...I don't agree the signs are any more or any less tacky than the PAC ads and videos put out by the C. Jones and Phony Tony fan club against Cindy Meadows.

I think people are under the mistaken impression that this "tackiness" is something new to Cecilia Jones when in FACT it is her Standard Operating Procedure! Cecilia Jones and her (I'm not sure what to call him..."husband", "soon to be EX", "has been", goon) have operated through threats, intimidation, bullying, targeted Grand Jury investigations, theft by deception. GUNS and violence for YEARS in this county. It is the way Cecilia Jones does business!

I think the new level of tackiness arose when Cecilia Jones and her motley band of thugs convinced Tony Anderson (an unsuspecting, retired mailman, with no qualifications, no experience and NO CLUE) to belly up to her brand of doing business in this County and people are NO LONGER afraid of her and have opted instead to fight fire with fire!!

Tacky? That's a matter of opinion! Effective? We shall see Tuesday!!

Regardless of the outcome, Cecilia Jones has got to go! Let's all work on that!
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