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    We reluctantly left Seagrove Saturday after a glorious week. The weather was perfect. Like swimming in an aquamarine jewel; a few giant pink meanie jellies (WOW - have nev) only on Friday but they're so large, were easy to avoid. No biting flies - just hundreds of beautiful butterflies of all varieties flitting eastward all the live long day. Wildflowers in abundance with beeeees. Enjoyed the short rains early in the week because apparently it is never going to rain again where we live.

    General Observations: Many schools have a Fall break now so there were more people than we expected; this has increasingly been the case the past few years we have visited. I can't imagine how crowded it is at peak times. I understand the growth struggle better now but remain in the camp that bad beach behavior should be penalized rather than allowing a get-off-my-sand mentality regarding the dry sand. Not sure I understand the need or desire to build the GIANT houses; to each his own but I like the small footprint on the land approach. Had no problems plunking my umbrella and chair on the beach all week.

    I will always be thankful to those in Walton County that passed the building height limit years ago because otherwise the place we have loved for 47 years would be a great wall of condos just like most areas to the east and west. If I owned property there I would start a tree preservation movement and implore the county to pass an ordinance prohibiting the removal of a certain percentage, for example, of trees from lots, say, in designated preservation areas (by fine if so done or by tax incentive if preserved). The developers building the houses going up in the grove on the east side of 395 (on Camellia and on Grove), as just a few of the many examples, have felled every tree on their lots. No way it will ever look as beautiful. They don't see the beauty of those trees nor appreciate their natural cooling effect, their providing habitat for wildlife not to mention the magical forest they create. Sad.

    Dining!! On the nights we ate out we enjoyed Great Southern, Bud & Alley's rooftop (whole fish, thank you!), new-to-us Trebeache (crab charlotte - oh my!) and on porch at Basmati's (our favorite for many years). Lunches were to go from Cowgirl Kitchen (very delish shrimp roll), Chanticleer Eatery (yummy Rueben), Marie's Bistro (wanted to try since read about it so long on here - good food and sweet people), and Perfect Pig (right on). Also had pizza in from B&A Pizza Bar - always reliably tasty for a thin crust lover. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. You all are so lucky to live there!
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    Awesome - thanks! Glad you had a wonderful time.

    We have more people visiting here on Fall break than we used to have during peak Summer.

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