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Beach Comber
Oct 7, 2019
Santa Rosa Beach
Bartender wanted for a craft beer tap room located in Seacrest. Duties include serving beer and wine to customers and performing opening/closing duties. Must be a people friendly person, routinely welcoming customers and engaging in conversation with customers during their visit. The tap room is a fun and family oriented environment. Good tips. Hours are typically 2PM - 10PM Tuesday - Sunday. Approximately 20 hours a week. No experience required.


Beach Comber
Oct 7, 2020
I am looking to relocate to the area. I have worked in the service industry prior to my professional endeavor. I presently conduct food tours for the Taste Of Thomasville Food Tours. I can assure you that requires friendly, magnetic engagement with strangers each outing. As an educator I have a gift for gab and engaging conversation along with storytelling. I captivate a student audience as a job requirement. I can only imagine the offering of beer being a positive feature of the job.

I look forward to a conversation to discuss how I can bring my skills to use in your world.
Selina Bell


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