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Beach Crab
Nov 11, 2021
Santa Rosa Beach
Hello! My name is Devin and I am a young professional who has lived in Santa Rosa Beach their whole life. I am still on the search for an ideal living environment for myself and my two dogs. I will be ready to move in towards the end of March in 2022 after I am finished hiking the Florida Trail.
I am very quiet, very clean. Alcohol free, smoke free, drama free, noise free. I spend most of my time outdoors with my dogs. During spring break and the summer, I am a henna artist on the beach. I also travel for work often to assist with production at various events and music festivals.
My dogs are extremely well behaved and trained, don’t bark often and get along well with other people and animals.
I am open to room rentals however I would prefer my own space. A tiny home, Katrina cottage, guest house, renovated barn, etc etc… are more of what I’m looking for.
Budget is flexible if it’s the right fit. Also willing to work exchange any land labor, I have a niche for gardening.
I am fully vaccinated and sober.
I can provide many professional references. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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New posts

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