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Bobby J

Beach Fanatic
Apr 18, 2005
Blue Mountain beach
SoWal we have outgrown our britches! I just had to say that. The corporate world has realized how many people with extensive pocketbooks love our little corner of the world and they are setting in to try to get their share of the vacationers money. I'm sorry but I don't want to live in Destin and I don't know of anyone that lives in the SoWal area that does. So why are we turning into East Destin...or maybe we are West PCB?

Where else would you buy one of those full body snuggies?


SoWal Insider
Mar 31, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Funny, last weekend traveling through Alabama we'd see Dollar General stores in the middle of NOWHERE! I like DG and my sister swears they have quite a bit of 'made in USA' stuff. No, everything is not $1. It's just cheaper than the grocery stores. They have a little bit of everything.
Unfortunately SoWal becoming East Destin was inevitable. If zoning allows for big boxes, then property owners have the right to build them.

Driving down 98 and only seeing pine trees and small businesses was nice while it lasted.

The thought of these changes coming to SoWal makes me :puke:


Beach Lover
Jun 23, 2011
Some inconsistency here. Capitalism and a free market system work well for the affluent. However, some want it regulated when it comes to others as it is deemed aesthetically unpleasing or inconvenient to them.

Not judging, just an observation. Natural selection applies to stores and businesses. If you want the business to fail, don't go there. Cast your vote. :banned:or :welcome:

Many other factors being over looked here. SHELLY pointed out 1 that garnered glazed over expressions, no doubt. lol

:roll: Who sold these stores the land?

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