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Beach Crab
Sep 28, 2016
Samson, AL
Emilee Gage

Seven years of experience in Event Management/Coordination
with big and small events.

Review my attached resume for more details.​

Mid-level to high-level professional that has proficient experience in a fast-pace environment demanding technical, telecommunication, interpersonal, and innovative skills. I possess the confidence to deliver on all levels of business organization, discreetness, and efficiency. With my unwavering work ethic and proven multitasker abilities, I hold the confidence to contribute my “can do” approach to the checks and balances of a company that desires vast leadership in today’s economy.

I have attached a well-detailed resume; in addition, I have outstanding recommendation letters from professional peers upon request. You will be able to gather from my resume how thoroughly and efficiently I have taught myself the process to create, innovate, and plan on countless levels in order to complete tasks properly and professionally.

If interested in learning more about my skills and the experience I possess, I encourage you to review my attached resume with a detailed outline of my abilities. I, along with my talents and experience, will be available immediately for an interview. However, I am available for any questions you may have prior to an interview selection.

Emilee Gage


  • Emilee-K-Gage-Resume1.pdf
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