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First Time Visit and I Want to Catch a Fish!

Discussion in 'All About SoWal' started by frish, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. frish

    frish Beach Crab

    Jul 12, 2005
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    Hello! I am SO happy I found this site. I am coming down for the first time ever and am very excited. This site has really pumped me up with all the information available.

    I am looking forward to fishing from the beach. I plan on bringing my light fishing rod/ reel that works well on Arkansas crappie and I hope works for me while I relax this next week. I've never caught a fish from the ocean, so I won't be too particular. Of course, I will get my license - I hope they sell them at Wal-Mart or somewhere close by. Any suggestions on what kind of lures/ rigs I can pick up when I get down that will let me enjoy the fishing? Do I need to buy "saltwater line" for my pole? Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much! :D
  2. kurt

    kurt Admin Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    Just a 2 hook rig from any store around here, 1 ought hooks, and a 3 .oz weight, with frozen shrimp for bait will get you started. Wherever you buy it, ask for a little advice about when and where, and techniques. You'll also find some more info in other threads.

  3. wetwilly

    wetwilly Beach Fanatic

    Jul 11, 2005
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    Atlanta, Ga.
    My 3 boys and I were down the week before Dennis came ashore and as Kurt described we also used a 2 hook rig (can buy at Tom Thumb or Walmart) and 2-3 oz sinkers. If your gear is lightweight, the 2-3 oz sinkers may be a bit heavy. If your gear is light (8-10 lb test line) you may want to switch out with 12-15 lb test line. Just a suggestion.

    But we also used a .5 oz slip weight with a single hook and you can buy them at Walmart already rigged too. If you don't find them rigged, you put a swivel on the line, then put a 15-20 lb test leader on were you put the sliding weigh, then another swivel and then the hook (in line rigged).

    We used squid (can buy calamari/squid in the Publix frozen seafood section or at the Goatfeathers II in Seagrove) and cast only 6-10 feet into the surf and we caught small Pompano and what some call dogfish. All were small but great to catch non the less and the kids had fun too.

    We also fished in Eastern Lake (southeast side on the beach side) with the 2 hook rig with 1/2-1 oz weights and caught some small colorful fish that were 1/2 to 1 lb in size.

    Great time and since the storm you may find more or bigger fish closer to shore since the sand bar may be less or gone.

    Good luck. and let us know how your outing goes.

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